Feng Shui Your Home – One Room at a Time
Digital Download

Walk with Glenda as she takes you on a virtual tour through each and every room…it’s like having her consult with you in your own home.

Glenda will teach you how you can Feng Shui on a budget to create an amazing and harmonious home as she reveals all the inside secrets to improve the health, wealth and happiness of all who live within your walls.

Watch for yourself, how Glendas arranges each of these rooms: the entrance way and front door, the living room, family room and master bedroom, a child’s bedroom, a teenager’s room and a guest bedroom, plus the kitchen, bathroom and home office.

You’ll discover how to avoid common mistakes most people make.

Find out:

  • What place in your home is most important to bring in positive energy
  • What to put in your home to attract wealth and new opportunities
  • What to do to stop your home from draining money
  • What to place in your home to avoid quarrels and create fulling relationships

Added Bonus:

  • As the months and seasons change, so does the energy in your home. As an added bonus you will receive Glenda’s monthly updates on how you can continually safeguard your home.

With this program, you will discover how simple and easy it is to create a safe, relaxing environment with the things you already have in your home. Learn the secrets that will change your environment forever.

"It’s the best and the easiest ‘how to’ you will ever find. Glenda is so thorough and it really feels like she’s there with you." -- Ed Barrena

"I never knew there was such a thing before I got Glenda’s program, however when I did what she said, my house really felt different and things in my life changed big time." -- Marlene Ashford



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