“For the past few years, we have worked hard to make our business successful, however shortly after Glenda came to dowse and Feng Shui our home, we noticed things happen that had never occurred before. In a relatively short time we acquired the three biggest clients we have ever had and combined, they have increased our income by thousands of dollars every month since then. We have earned awards for being top in our field and the recognition keeps pouring in.”
LA, San Diego. CA.

“Since I had Feng Shui and Dowsing done on my home, my life has improved immeasurably. First, I received a bonus check from my company, which had never occurred in the 6 ½ years I have worked there. Within a few weeks after receiving the bonus, my boss gave me promotion which included a raise in pay. My love life has made a definite turn for the better as well. The only thing I did differently was to make the few changes that were recommended to me by Glenda. I would recommend her to everyone. Applying her suggestions is fun and makes a big difference in your life!”
Lorie Smith

“I had been owed a large sum of money from my mother’s estate for 3 years. It was being delayed by some technicality in the probate process. When I questioned the lawyer about how much longer he thought I would have to wait to receive the money that was left to me, he said, ‘These types of legal hang-ups can take years.’ Needless to say, I was very disheartened. Shortly after that I met Glenda and asked her to Feng Shui and Dowse my house. She recommended changes which I implemented immediately. Within thirty days, the lawyer called me with a wonderful message. He said that something unexpected had happened and he was finalizing the process in order to pay me. Feng Shui and dowsing definitely changed my luck!”
Yvonne Laswell

“When the Feng Shui and dowsing practitioner came to our house, she asked if my daughter had been having trouble concentrating on her school work. I told her that she had and that it had only been a problem for about 3 weeks. She asked if someone had put a satellite dish up in the neighborhood. My answer was, “Yes, and it was about 3 weeks ago that it happened”. It was pointed in the direction of my daughter’s room. After the practitioner cured this problem, my daughter is back to her to her normal, studious, easy to concentrate self. It’s amazing that such a thing could have such a huge affect on a little body but I can tell you, it does!”
JS Santee, CA

“My husband and I had been having marital problems. My husband had not spoken to me for over six months and frequently wouldn’t even come home to spend the night. Glenda came over and dowsed our home and I completed the Feng Shui she suggested. Within the week, my husband came home, looked me in the eyes, and said, “I think we should try to make this marriage work. Let’s give it one more chance.” As of today, we are still ‘making it work’ and he comes home every night!”
D.T. San Diego

I had started a business three years ago and was struggling to keep it going. My husband had continually suggested it wasn’t worth the stress and that I should just close it. I invited Glenda to Feng Shui and dowse my house. She suggested I move my bed and explained how important my bed direction was in improving my personal prosperity. I immediately made the change and the results were incredible. In no time, people began approaching me about the services I offer. Another amazing turn of events, which was equally amazing, was that my husband began coming home with referrals for me which had never occurred before. My business has dramatically increased and in fact, is now booming! The best thing of all is that my husband has quit his job and we are both working full time in MY business!”
TP Alpine, CA

“My son was getting poor grades. Every night he would come home with school work he should have completed at school. The teacher told us that he would not do any work or participate in class room discussions. I talked to the teacher about having Feng Shui and Dowsing done in the classroom and she was open to it, if I thought it might help my son. Shortly after this was accomplished, the teacher stated, “It was like he came out of a fog.” Now, he completes his work at school and rarely brings any work home. He socializes with the other children, takes part in class, and has improved his grades dramatically. The change occurred immediately and continues to this day.”
Lorraine Goswell

My marriage was stressed and my family life was up set because my husband’, and well as my own relatives kept showing up to our house for handouts and for a place to stay. It is hard to say, “No” when they are your own brothers and sisters. There was a time when we had four of our relatives sleeping on our couches, our floor, and in our motor home which we parked in front of our house. We were providing food and lodging, and our house became a hangout for the homeless while we were at work. I asked Glenda to Feng Shui and Dowse our house to see if a change of energy might make a difference. It did! Before the week was up, all four had decided they just didn’t want to stay any longer. I am happy to say we have had no permanent visitors since that time and I am happy to say that life is normal again!”
K.W. San Diego

“My legs have ached for the past several years. It was difficult to go shopping for very long. The aching was so bad that I had to give up my favorite thing, my nightly walks with my husband. I literally became a couch potato. I had Feng Shui and Dowsing done on our home and in no time, I felt like I had new legs. It seemed like a miracle that in so short a time the aches and pains I had for so many years, could have disappeared so suddenly. I am making up for lost time doing fun things with my neighbors and my grandchildren. My husband says I should stay home a little more.”
Cassie Hart

“For the past several years, I’ve had back pain which would keep me from sleeping a night. It is rare that I got a full night’s sleep. Amazingly, since Glenda dowsed our house, I have never slept better and my back pain is a thing of the past.”
RA Santee, CA

“We had our house on the market for 6 months and during that time only four people looked at it. The agent had open houses and still no one came to them. Glenda gave me advice on how to Feng Shui the house after which she came over and dowsed it. One day later, we received an offer from a cash buyer who wanted a thirty day escrow! Of course, we accepted and soon we’ll be calling her to Feng Shui and Dowse our new house.”
GM El Cajon, CA

“I had a rental house that I had shown to several interested parties. During the three months I tried to rent it, I had seven different people tell me they wanted it, but not one of them ever showed up at the office to sign the contract and put down the deposit. Glenda dowsed it and within days, we had a renter.
DL La Mesa, CA

“My daughter was such a problem our family. She began listening what I call dark music. She dressed only in black and she had a negative attitude about everything. Glenda came to Feng Shui and dowse our house. Within a few days, I felt like we had our daughter that we knew back. Her attitude was cheerful, she began dressing in ‘normal’ clothes, and she began listening to other types of music. Her friends also changed which was a something that we had been praying for. It was such an easy transition we could hardly believe what was happening right before our eyes. We are so grateful to get our daughter back!”
DW San Diego, CA

“Before Glenda came to my home, my son had a bed wetting problem. We had tried everything from Doctors remedies to therapists. We had our house dowsed and we applied the Feng Shui recommendations that were given to us. Within the week, my son stopped wetting the bed and to this day, has never had another accident. Yes, Feng Shui and Dowsing works even for children!”
D.D. Alpine, CA


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