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Everything, literally everything in you, on you, and around you is energy, and that includes all of you. You are a living, breathing, vibrating magnet. At an energetic level, your home, office, and environment where you spend your time, is a living, vibrating energy field. Everything in a home influences the flow of energy - just as your thoughts produce results in your life. Cluttered rooms, dingy walls, depressing or violent images, dead flowers and piles of paper can cause you to feel overwhelmed and even depressed.

The moment you start to create a new space by cleaning up and bringing in new colors and uplifting images, you begin to move in new energy which will flow luck and good fortune into your career, relationship, health and spiritual growth. Do you want to feel empowered? Change your environment to support you.

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Many times people work hard to improve themselves but they remain stuck and don't seem to be able to move forward. By changing the energy in your environment, especially your four personal best directions, you can propel your self forward and manifest your intentions. It will help you to think, feel and act in a way that will bring you what you want.

Based on your birthday, you have a Personal SUCCESS DIRECTION, a Personal HEALTH DIRECTION, a Personal RELATIONSHIP DIRECTION, and a Personal WISDOM DIRECTION. When you activate these directions, you bring positive energy, luck, and success to yourself.

When you put such things as your vision board, images, pictures, and objects relating to your personal goals in your SUCCESS DIRECTION, you can expect increased income and forward movement toward the goals you have expressed there. When you pay your bills facing this direction, you will be more prosperous. When you face your personal success direction while working, you will feel energized, less tired and more productive. If you sleep with the back of your head against this direction you are bringing yourself good energy all night. Your desk and computer should face this direction. Send the right messages to the universe and it will send back exactly what you've ordered. Activate your personal best directions in the room(s) where you spend 5 hours a day, such as your bed room, your living room, or your office.

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In your Personal HEALTH DIRECTION, place images or pictures that represent what you are trying to achieve to maintain in your health. Even putting your supplements in the kitchen in this area will be beneficial.

In your Personal RELATIONSHIP DIRECTION, Put pictures or images of who you would like to have or maintain a relationship with in this area. Remove all pictures of past or unwanted relationships!

In your Personal WISDOM DIRECTION which represents your personal and spiritual growth, put pictures of mentors, spiritual advisors, book on subjects in which you wish to improve, things that represent what you aspire to in the wisdom area.

If it is impossible to sleep with the back of your head against your Personal SUCCESS DIRECTION, then you can substitute any of your other three personal best directions.

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Three years ago I started a business and had struggled to keep it going. My husband told me I should just 'throw in the towel and give up'. Glenda explained to me how important my bed direction was in improving my personal prosperity. I immediately made the changes she suggested to me and the results were incredible. Immediately people began approaching me about the services I offered. Another amazing turn of events, which was equally amazing to me, was that my husband began coming home with referrals for me which had never occurred before. My business has dramatically increased and in fact, is now booming - and my husband has quit his job to help me in mine!
R.C.       Santee, CA

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