The Earth can send out very strong radiation

The best known cause of this unhealthy radiation must be water veins.

Starting Situation.
After fitting memon transformer.

We have all heard of dowsers who look for water with a diving rod, to dig a well. But health problems can also be triggered by quarries, rock faults and global and Curry grids; radiation grids which crisscross the whole planet. The intersections of these radiation grids are especially hazardous. For example, if a spot of this kind is at the head of your bead, you may suffer from symptoms such as earache, thyroid gland complaints, sinus infections, headaches, etc.

Using the memon® environmental technology balances out the energy. If you are subjected to these geopathic influences and your sleep and wellbeing are disturbed by them, you will feel the difference very soon.

The result:
You sleep deeply and peacefully; when you wake up in the morning you feel fit and rested again. Your concentration and performance improved again.

Geopathic Stress: earth [geo] disease [pathic]

The word, Geopathic, actually means ‘disease of the earth’. Geopathic stress can be caused when the earth moves and fault lines are created. You can often see where the earth has moved when you see cracked cement in driveways, walk ways, and foundations. Geopathic Stress can also be caused by underground water, even when it is deep below your house, by underground cavities, and places where 2 different kinds of soil meet and create movement. If two geopathic stress lines cross, it is especially harmful if a person sleeps or sits there. It can negatively affect the part of the body influenced by these lines.

These can negatively affect our emotions resulting in mood swings, nervousness, as well as mental stress, causing a lack of concentration.

Hartmann Lines:

Hartmann lines were discovered by a German physician named Ernst Hartmann. He found that these natural electromagnetic lines naturally run in a natural grid formation from North to South and from East to West.

When Hartmann lines connect with electricity in the house or building, they turn detrimental. They are places where you have outlets, clock radios, TVs, your electrical panel, transformers, where antennas come in.

Hartmann lines can affect the soft tissue in your body and cause physical problems and frequently cases soreness.

Curry Lines:

Curry lines were discovered by shortly after Hartmann lines by Dr. Curry. He found that these lines, that are also part of the earth’s natural grid, run though the earth diagonally from NW to SE and from NE to SW.

They affect us in the same way that Hartmann lines do and our whole electrical system can become imbalanced.

Interference Lines:

Photo of house.Interference lines are man-made distortions of the energy field from such things as cell phones, computers, microwave ovens, wireless communications and satellite communication systems. It has been found that some cell phone towers send out frequencies which impact specific body organs having the same frequencies. After a survey of homes within 10 miles of a cell phone tower, it was found that an unusual amount of people in the homes had liver problems. The cell phone towers frequency was the same frequency as the liver.

In Mill Valley, where several antennas were added, there was an unexplained and unusual increase in incidence of breast cancer in 40-50 year old women.

A few areas in which these lines can interfere with your life are: finances, friendship, self-esteem, romance, spirituality, creativity, focus, illnesses, and sleep.

Today, man can be credited with creating a monumental problem because of EMF (Electro Magnetic Frequencies), also known as Electro Smog. These electro-magnetic frequencies come from cell towers, satellite towers, and electrical pollution. EMFs have been linked to problems such as chronic fatigue syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, fybromyalgia, and cancer. In our society, today, there is a wave of new diseases that physicians don’t understand.

A German engineer, Winfried Dochow, who researched EMFs for over 30 years along with several university scientists, that there is a correction, besides dowsing, for EMFs. It has recently become available in the United States after being successfully used in Europe. Dr. Dochow’s technology is Memon® Total Harmony and it neutralizes the effects of EMFs, E-Smog and any other electro pollution in a building. It t also neutralizes bacteria, viruses, chemical additives and other pollutants in water. It lasts for 20 years without any maintenance. Thank you, Dr. Dochow!

Personal zones affect an individual person who lives or works in the environment. Symptoms of spending time in that area would be similar to those of someone having an allergy.


There are both positive and negative energy vortexes. Vortexes are spiraling energy at a specific place created by ley lines or meridians of the earth. When the ley lines intersect at a perfect 90% angle, they create positive energy. A positive vortex is a wonderful place to spend time, work meditate, and be creative. People love to hang out in these places.

New Scientist Magazine suggested in an article in 1987 that species such as pigeons, whales, & bees navigate using the earth’s magnetic filed and when these ley lines shift, whales are said to beach themselves as their guidance systems have gone haywire. It has also been suggested that birds, fish and animals use these lines as compasses, help them find direction back to breeding grounds and to warmer climates in winter. Some compare vortexes to acupressure points on the body, while grids can be compared to the nervous system.

Negative vortexes are created by ley lines not crossing at a 90% angle. These can create immense physical, mental, and emotional stress to humans even though cats love them. People tend to pile things on these to subconsciously cover them up. We can turn negative vortexes to positive ones.

"When the Feng Shui and dowsing practitioner came to our house, she asked if my daughter had been having trouble concentrating on her school work. I told her that she had and that it had only been a problem for about 3 weeks. She asked if someone had put a satellite dish up in the neighborhood. My answer was, “Yes, and it was about 3 weeks ago that it happened”. It was pointed in the direction of my daughter’s room. After the practitioner cured this problem, my daughter is back to her to her normal, studious, easy to concentrate self. It’s amazing that such a thing could have such a huge affect on a little body but I can tell you, it does!"
JS      Santee, CA

"For the past several years, I’ve had back pain which would keep me from sleeping a night. It is rare that I got a full night’s sleep. Amazingly, since Glenda dowsed our house, I have never slept better and my back pain is a thing of the past."
RA       Santee, CA

"We had our house on the market for 6 months and during that time only four people looked at it. The agent had open houses and still no one came to them. Glenda gave me advice on how to Feng Shui the house after which she came over and dowsed it. One day later, we received an offer from a cash buyer who wanted a thirty day escrow! Of course, we accepted and soon we’ll be calling her to Feng Shui and Dowse our new house."
GM      El Cajon, CA

“My daughter was such a problem to our family. She began listening to what I call dark music. She dressed only in black and she had a negative attitude about everything. Glenda came to Feng Shui and dowse our house. Within a few days, I felt like we had our daughter that we knew back. Her attitude was cheerful, she began dressing in ‘normal’ clothes, and she began listening to other types of music. Her friends also changed which was something that we had been praying for. It was such an easy transition we could hardly believe what was happening right fore our eyes. We are so grateful to get our daughter back!”
DW      San Diego, CA

“I had a rental house that I had shown to several interested parties. During the three months I tried to rent it, I had seven different people tell me they wanted it, but not one of them had ever shown up at the office to sign the contract and put down the deposit. Glenda dowsed it and within days, we had a renter.”
DL      La Mesa, CA

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