Never Feng Shui This Way. If you want to mess up your Feng Shui - follow this advice!

  1. NEVER put a lot of Feng Shui junk in your house. Make sure it doesn’t looks like a Chinese trinket shop with lots of little toads, Do not overload on Feng Shui junk.dragons, bagua mirrors, charms and Chinese symbols. You’ll find all kinds of information on these useless trinkets in many of the Feng Shui books on the market. These are nothing more than new age mysticism and a way for someone to profit on junk.
When Feng Shui is done properly, you should walk in the home or office and never suspect the presence of Feng Shui other than the feeling of beauty and balance. It was always amazing to me during the times I visited the home of my Feng Shui master, Marie Diamond, to find her home beautifully furnished, simple, and never a hint of ‘Chinese trinketry’.
  2. Don't position yourself with your back to the door when you sit at your desk, when socializing, and at night when you sleep.
Do not sit with your back toward the door.When you sit with your back to others, you have no power and you do not see what is coming to you in life. When you sit with your back to others at work, it promotes gossip and backbiting. Always face the door or at least be able to see it. This will give you the advantage over others approaching. Hopefully, you will be able to face the door and, at the same time, sit facing one of your four Personal Best Directions. You will have more energy, be more attentive, and be able to concentrate better. Sleep with the back of your head against one of these four directions. To find your four Personal Best Directions click this link: Personal Success Directions
  3. Don't keep clutter around, especially shoes and backpacks at the front entry.
Declutter your home.Your first move to bring good energy into your home is to declutter your whole house. Your entry way should be unobstructed and clean so that the chi can flow into your home. Keep shoes, backpacks, and anything that would block the energy coming into the home out of sight. Put those things in a closet where they are not seen. By cleaning up your clutter, you are making room for new experiences in your life. By cleaning up the clutter in your office, you are making away for new experiences and customers in your business. An uncluttered environment is inviting, relaxing, and energizing. Just the process of organizing and decluttering will bring new energy flowing into your home and your workspace.
  4. Make sure you do not sit directly in the line of sharp points (from edges of furniture, corners of walls and other structures.) Position yourself so they are not pointing at you from a 90 degree angle. Do not display knives or any kinds of weapons in your house. Also do not display heads of big dead animals.
Positioning yourself so that you are not in the direct line of angles can improve your relationship, your health and your money. These sharp points from furniture, or even weapons should be avoided. A restaurant removed the huge weapon it had on display at its entrance and business immediately improved.
  5. Don't sleep under overhead beams and make sure your bedroom is not painted bright colors.

Do not sleep or sit under overhead beams or have a fan swirling above you while you sleep at night. Beams create a heavy negative pressure on you as you sleep. And ceiling fans can disturb the personal energy around you when you sleep. Cover beams with beautiful material or paint them the same color as the ceiling.

  6. You don't want to work and live in a place that is dimly lit, has poor ventilation, feels closed in, has low ceilings, and where we know there is a pet because we can smell it. Make sure your garbage cans are not overflowing.
The words Feng Shui means Wind and Water. It is vital that your wind, your ventilation is fresh and clean. Open your windows. Keep them clean. They are the eyes of your home. People who have dirty windows can attract breathing problems. Low ceilings and bad lighting do not invite the feeling of the fresh energy of nature. Pet smells should be removed by cleaning the carpet. Garbage cans should be kept out of sight. Energy is affected by the things you see, hear, smell, taste and feel.

Do not place dead flower in your home.

Bring in nature. 
Remember, Feng Shui is about creating balance and harmony in your home with the five elements of nature. How better can you accomplish that than by bringing in nature’s beautiful fresh flowers and delicious fruit? Your house will be inviting and comfortable when you remember to add these two items to your décor.
  8. Don't keep modern art in your bedroom, especially above your bed, if it has bright bold colors and the look and feeling of violence or loneliness.
Bright, energizing colors do not belong in the bedroom. The bedroom is a place to reenergize and be restful. Bright colors create a busy atmosphere and do not bring in restful energy. The art you have in your home is being constantly infused into your subconscious mind and you will attract exactly what you are constantly seeing. What you hang above your bed is especially important because you are receiving passive energy at night and the image that hangs above your bed is what you are contemplating all night.
  9. Don't keep a fountain or picture with water in the bedroom.
Water in the bedroom will drown or wash away the emotions of those who sleep there. Fountains are wonderful in areas which are auspicious because they bring in prosperity. The bedroom is a place for rest and romance. Pictures of waterfalls, oceans, flowing streams should be placed in other rooms. Steam up your romance by watching Glenda’s Tips on Feng Shui for the Bedroom.

Always leave the toilet lid down.10. Don't keep the toilet lid up or the bathroom door open.

Only do this is you want to flush away your prosperity and good energy. Toilets are drains that can suck the wealth right out of your life. Keep the lid down and the door to the bathroom closed. This is not the energy you want flowing through your home.


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