What is Memon

A German engineer, Winfried Dochow, who researched EMFs for over 30 years along with several university scientists, determined that there is a correction, besides dowsing, for EMFs. It has recently become available in the United States after being successfully used in Europe. Dr. Dochow’s technology is Memon® Total Harmony and it neutralizes the effects of EMFs, E-Smog and any other electro pollution in a building. It also neutralizes bacteria, viruses, chemical additives and other pollutants in water. It lasts for 20 years without any maintenance. Thank you, Dr. Dochow!
  The water transformer creates positive change in the water's energy structure; reduces scale. Fresh, renaturalised water flows from your pipes: memon® natural water.
The four-sytem combination transformer.   The four-system combitransformer neutralises electrosmok in- and outdoors, earth radiation (giopathic stress zones), improves ionic flow and create clean air.
The heating transformer   The heating transformer cares for your pipes, reduces scale deposits and supports ionic flow in indoor air.
The pool transformer.   The pool transformer reduces the smell of chlorine and skin and eye irritations and creates pleasant, soft water for carefree fun in the pool.
The workplace transformer.   The workplace transformer works as with the four-system multi-transformer, but only within a limited radius.
The motor vehicle transformer.   The motor vehicle transformer for use in all motor vehicles, such as cars, buses, camper cans, etc.
The telephone transformer.   The telephone transformer for use in mobile phones, DECT cordless phones, babyphones, laptops, etc.

Even Your Bottled Water Contains Harmful Substances

Water is our most valuable commodity. Water has the power to keep our body healthy and regulate all our bodily functions. Unfortunately today, tap water and bottled water are cocktails of harmful organisms.

Is Bottled Water Pure?

About one-quarter of U.S. bottled water comes from a municipal water source. The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) conducted a study of 103 brands of bottled water (over 1,000 bottles were tested in all) and found that one-third contained synthetic organic chemicals and bacteria.

One sample even contained arsenic levels above state health limits.

Pepsi's Aquafina Bottled Water is Tap Water

PepsiCo Inc. will spell out that its Aquafina bottled water is made with tap water, a concession to the growing environmental and political opposition to the bottled water industry.

According to Corporate Accountability International, a U.S. watchdog group, the world's No. 2 beverage company will include the words "public water source" on Aquafina labels. Sun Sentinel July 27, 2007

Your Tap Water Contains Harmful Substances

Our tap water generally consists of about two thirds ground water and one third surface water, from lakes, dams, and riverbank filtration. Tap water needs treatment before it is drinkable. After treatment, tap water may still contain around fifty chemical additives such as chlorine, chlorine dioxide and hydrochloric or sulphuric acid. The water you drink comes in contact with pesticides, fungicides, residues from medicines, beta blockers, hormonal derivatives (e.g. the pill) to name a few. Even if the water is cleaned in a sewage works, it still contains the 'energy signature' of these harmful influences, which we absorb constantly without noticing.

  • SEATTLE, WA: In February, the city of Seattle began replacing the pipes in a number of its public schools. When parents had complained about orange-colored water coming out of school taps, testing was conducted and dangerous levels of lead and even cadmium were found in the drinking water.
  • WASHINGTON D.C.: According to a February article in the Washington Post, about 23,000 of Washington D.C.’s service lines contain dangerous levels of lead. Samples taken at more than 4,000 homes since 2002 have found levels well above the safe range of 15 parts per billion. In fact, 150 homes in the area had lead levels in their tap water in excess of 300 parts per billion.
  • MAUI, HAWAII: Even in beautiful Maui, high levels of lead were found in the water during testing. The state health department ordered the Maui water company to fix the problem, which they attempted to do by adding the chemicals zinc orthophosphate and phosphoric acid. Today, hundreds of skin rash complaints, which are believed to be linked to the water system, are being received by the health department.

These are just a few of the problems we know about. Lead and other metals commonly found in plumbing systems are a very real and dangerous problem that we face at work, at school and in the safety of our own homes. By Brian Cronin, Director of Aqua MD

Why Raise Your Cancer Risks by Drinking Tap Water?

Six recent studies, examining a combined total of almost 8,000 people, have indicated that higher consumption of tap water can increase the risk of bladder cancer in men.

Men who drank more than 2 liters of tap water a day ran a 50 percent higher risk of bladder cancer than those who drank half a liter or less. Both straight tap water and tap water from other sources, such as coffee, were examined in the study.

Other beverages were not found to have the same associated risks. International Journal of Cancer April 15, 2006; 118(8): 2040-2047


Dr. Masaru Emoto proves the existence of invisible world

The aim
The process of crystal photography developed by Masaru Emoto allows us to prove the formation of water crystals and therefore the high quality of memon®-harmonized water.

The test
Crystal in Munich tap water were photographed by Masaru Emoto before and after harmonizing with memon®. The shape of the frozen crystals allows conclusion to be drawn about the quality of the water. This is based on the capability of water to store water, information, music, words, feelings and consciousness, which has been researched by Emoto over many years. The water crystals demonstrate different shapes as a function of the status and quality of the water. Water in cities generally has a matt, irregular structure. Water crystals from living sources, e.g. spring water, often demonstrate a wide variety of formations, from simple squares and hexagons to delicate, shimmering crystals or hexagons –tortoise- shell- which indicate stability and vitality.

The result

Munich tap water BEFORE harmonizing with memon. Munich tap water AFTER harmonizing with memon.

The crystal image of the memon®-harmonized tap water demonstrates a “tortoise-shell shape”, Masaru Emoto commented as follows:

"… after we had taken several shots, we could confirm that water crystals with good immunity always have a solid tortoise shape … "
-Extract from the book The Message of Water, Vol. 1 by Masaru Emoto-

" … to date, we have the most crystal photographs of water where vibrations which strengthen the immune system have been transferred as – as you can see – we can say with certainty that the water with more immunity displays a tortoise-shell pattern. This is because we have also been able to establish the same basic tortoise-shell pattern in good water, samples sent in to us by others. They saying that “the crane lives to one hundred years old, the tortoise to ten thousand,” is confirmed here for me without any doubt … "
-Extract from the book Water Crystals by Masaru Emoto-

Memonize Your Water

On its way into our homes our water comes into contact with all kinds of different harmful substances: Pesticides, fungicides, residues from medicines, beta blockers, hormonal derivatives to name just a few. Even if the water is cleaned in a sewage works, it still contains the “energy signature” of these harmful influences, which we absorb constantly without noticing. This “energy signature” contains a cocktail of harmful information which the water has stored at certain frequency levels and passes into our organism.

The Memon environmental technology is capable of eliminating this harmful information. In terms of energy, this produces a kind of “empty water” which can play its proper role in our bodily balance.

Investigations s how that they crystalline structure of Memon water is comparable with that of natural spring water.

Bernd Bruns’ Water Maturation Method

The aim
By making the structure of a drop of water in a liquid state visible, it is posited that conclusions can be drawn on the quality of the water. Comparisons are made between spring water, various kinds of tap water and memon®-informed water.

The test
For water, maturation is deemed as any energy or information influence, including poor information content. Electro-smog is therefore a “maturation” of water in the negative sense. Only structures which are found naturally are described as “positive”. These could be, for example, structures similar to leaves or flowers.

What is important is the “natural” status of the drop examined, i.e. it is circular with a curvature in the middle. This is achieved by treating it with a “starter medium”. The stronger light refraction in this test design allows the resulting color image to be photographed using a special microscope and lens. This allows a Scale to be drawn up, with normal tap water in a poor energy condition at one end and spring water demonstrating a high level of positive maturation at the other. The better the water quality, the more structures resembling the cells have living organisms are seen in the water.

Here you can see an example:

Clematis leaf. By analogy: leaf structure of water.

The results
This is an extract from the results, further details can be found in the book “Achtung Wasser” [Caution: Water] by Bruns.

Tap Water
Nonrandomized tap water
Value of 1
Spring water
Spring Water
Value of 10
memon-informed water.
memon®-informed water
(from the same tap water)

Value of 10

Value 1: very bad water, when drinking causing damage
Value 10: quality of spring water

Bernd BrunsBernd Bruns, * 1941
Worked for many years as a pharmaceutical designer, starting work in 1974 as the lab manger at a large pharmaceutical company. Development of application techniques for water-dilutable and water-soluble pain systems in the research lab. Maintained what was at the time the largest amateur photo lab in West Germany. 1995 Foundation of “Alternative Energy”, Wiesbaden. Since then, he has tackled the topics of water analysis, rainwater utilization and solar technology. His expertise in the field is recognized well beyond German border. In 1996 took over the NaturHeilForum in Wiesbaden; development of an innovative way of proving life media in foodstuffs.


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