Feng Shui for the Bedroom

The Law of Attraction can bring you luck while you sleep.


Photo: Bedroom with two tables, mirrors, pillows, windows, lamps, etc.Even if you are single, if you are looking for romance, you want to set your bedroom up for two. This bedroom is set up with two vanity tables and two mirrors. The headboard is high and solid for good support. It is good that the windows are not behind the bed and they bring in light and fresh air. The pictures above their heads are of two beautiful objects. The colors and designs are not bright and busy, but relaxing, calm, and comfortable. It is free from clutter. Hmmm, let’s rest here for a while!


Photo: Bedroom filled with mirrors. from my bedroom you must fall!
When a mirror reflects your image when you are in bed, it can create negative dreams, double your health issues, create loneliness or bring a third Photo: Bedroom with vanity mirror.party into the marriage.

Simply cover the mirrors before you go to sleep. Hang curtains over closet mirrors. It gives your bedroom a luxurious look.

WHAT HANGS ABOVE YOUR HEAD Photo: Bed with a chaotic abstract headboard.for your mind to contemplate all night? If you want romance, put a picture of a loving couple, not a single person. Check to make sure you don’t have an image that expresses loneliness, depression, or sadness.

No Sweet dreams for this person. Chaotic abstract configurations above the head can cause nightmares and contribute to an abstract indefinite life.

Photo: Pterodactyl between two single beds.Never hang violent images above your bed or anywhere in your bedroom. Never hang weapons, heads of animals or even pictures of predatory animals where you sleep. I’m sure we could all agree the red wall and scary image behind the bed does not promote relaxation or sleep.

Photo: Door open to washroom. 

SHUT THE DOOR PLEASE! Bathroom doors should be kept shut with the toilet lid down, especially if is adjoining your bedroom. That is, unless you want to flush away good energy and prosperity.


I WOULD SCREAM IF YOU MADE ME SLEEP UNDER A BEAM! When people sleep under beams and low ceilings, they can have trouble focusing because such structures put pressure on the aura. There is often a health challenge in the exact location the beam crosses a person’s body. If the beam is between two partners, the relationship can break up. You can create a canopy over your bed to block the pressure or cover the beam with fabric or paint to match the ceiling. The best remedy is to MOVE your body from that influence.

Photo: Attic bedroom with exposed rafters.     Photo: Bedroom with exposed beams.

Photo: Bedroom with many electronics.HARD TO BELIEVE THIS IS A BEDROOM, BUT IT IS! Certain things simply do not contribute to ‘bedroom energy’: TVs, computers, exercise equipment, and garbage can (which are not hidden).

Photo: Picket fence headboard.IS YOUR HEADBOARD SUPPORTING YOU? Do you have a high, solid headboard? Cute as this picket fence is, it should stay outside. Your headboard should not have slats or spaces where can flow through at night. These not only have slats, they are pointed!

Photo: Bedroom filled with sweet lace and ruffles.THIS IS A PERFECTLY ADORABLE ROOM ….for a little girl. Everything in it, including the colors, is sweet and tender. However, if you are a grown woman who is seeking romance, keep the soft, feminine, frilly atmosphere in balance. If you have too much of it, a man will not feel comfortable.

Photo: Table filled with toys, cups and other clutter.CLUTTER, CLUTTER, GO AWAY! Don’t come back another day.

Clearing clutter is the first step to opening your bedroom to the flow of new energy. Keep the clutter in the closets, if you must. Keep it out of sight! Clutter prevents focus and can cause depression.



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