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Have you ever noticed how good you feel in a bright, cheery room with colors that are uplifting? Have you ever noticed how you feel when you’ve walked into a dark, poorly lit, dingy room? Colors affect you mentally, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually and even physically. The fact is that colors have vibrations, just as you vibrate energy. You are continually exchanging energy with the environment around you. Feng Shui is a balance of the five elements of nature: fire, earth, metal, water, and wood. Each color is an expression of one of the five elements. There are specific colors which uplift you and bring positive energy into your life based on your birthday and gender. Surrounding yourself with the Feng Shui colors that bring in the vibration of your person element, you will improve your attitude and your life. Feng Shui colors are very powerful and changing colors are one of the most powerful ways to change your life.

You also have a special element which brings you luck and good energy based on your birthday and gender. If you were choosing new bed room furniture it would be wise, to choose the color and element that would be harmonious with you. For example, if your element was WOOD – you could choose a bed frame made of wood rather than metal. Your bed coverings and could be colors that represent wood such as greens and browns. You could also add touches of one or both of your enhancing colors which are blue and black.

If you were deciding on a color to paint your living room, bedroom, or office, and you were a METAL person, you would want to choose white (or slightly off-white), grey, or perhaps a light gold, where as if you were a EARTH person, you would choose from your lucky colors such as a light beige, yellow and add a touch of your enhancing colors.

If you were purchasing new living room furniture and your element was METAL, you might find furniture which had a metal color, which is silver, white, gold, copper, or grey, and even find something with a metal decoration or embellishment or was actually metal. Perhaps the coffee table would be made of some type of metal. You would then want to enhance or add a flair color from your enhancing colors of yellow, orange, rose, brown, red, and beige.

  • FIRE: by using the Feng Shui colors representing fire in your home or work space, you will be enhancing your career energy and bringing in recognition. Fire colors give energy and enthusiasm. Placing fire colors in the South is especially important. Fire items such as fire colored candles, a fireplace, or a picture of the sun can be used to bring in the fire element.

  • EARTH: by using the Feng Shui colors representing earth in your home or office, you will be enhancing a strong, stable and harmonious home atmosphere. It brings patience, protection, health, and unity. Earth colors are especially important in the SW, Center, and NW of your home. Earth items such as a crystal, or a piece of pottery made from earth, gemstones, rocks or even images of the earth such as a beautiful mountain (without snow) can be used to represent your element.

    METAL: by using the Feng Shui colors representing metal in your home and office, you are bringing qualities of efficiency, clarity, and efficiency especially in business success. Metal colors bring creative energy into communication and technology areas. The metal Gold usually represents wealth and financial success. Use metal items in your décor to bring in your metal element, such as metal candlesticks, metal furniture, or metal objects.

    WATER: by using the Feng Shui colors which represent water in your home or office space, you are bringing in harmonious, flowing abundant energy. Water colors are nourishing and flow in prosperity. Water brings freshness into an environment. Use the colors that represent water, as well as actual water, such as bubbling water fountains and pictures of water scenes. Never put water fountains or images of water in the bedroom; use the colors and shapes to represent water there.

  • WOOD: by using the Feng Shui colors representing wood in your home and office, you are bringing in creativity, motivation and inspiration. Wood energy represents sociability and stability in finances. Use wooden items to bring your element into your environment, such as wooden objects, actual flowers or trees, or even pictures of flowers, or a beautiful field. Do not use pictures with snow in.

Your lucky ELEMENT and lucky COLORS, including enhancing colors are listed below. Please note there are specific shapes which can enhance your environment such as the shape of furniture, images or art pieces, and decorations in your home or office.

Even though it is important to create a BALANCE in all five elements, you do want to surround yourself with your lucky elements and colors. If you have too many fire colors, for example, you could feel frenzied and become over-stimulated so you could never sit and relax. If you have too much water, you could feel emotionally unstable or unmotivated to take action.

Red, fuchsia, orange, strong yellow, purple, ruby, rose, cherry red, magenta Wood colors: Brown and green
Yellow, red, brown beige, orange & earthy sand colors, rose Fire colors: red, fuchsia, orange, strong yellow, purple, ruby, rose, cherry red, magenta
White, grey, silver, copper, gold Earth tones: rose, yellow, red, brown beige, orange & earthy sand colors
Black and blue Metal colors: Grey, silver, copper, gold, white
Brown and green Water colors: Black and blue

Your LUCKY ELEMENT is also represented by a SHAPE as well as specific COLORS. If you work in an office or environment where you do not have the ability change the colors or décor, you can bring in your LUCKY ELEMENT by simply placing an item with the shape that represents your element.

For example:

  • A FIRE person cannot put a fire on his or her desk; however a lamp or a decorative light would represent the fire element, as would any item shaped like a triangle, or even a picture with a triangular-shaped item. Fire is represented by a TRIANGLE.
    Fire =
  • An EARTH person could place any square item in his workplace to bring in the earth energy. Of course, you don’t have to use a square item; you could simply have flowers (pick flowers that are earth colors) on your desk since they are a real ‘earth’ object. The shape representing Earth is SQUARE.
    Earth =
  • If you are a METAL person, you might want to have a round globe of the world sitting on your desk, since the shape for Metal is ROUND or OBLONG.
    Metal =
  • A WATER person could place a small trickling water fountain on his or her desk if it were allowed or at least a picture of a beautiful water scene. A small object of a swimming dolphin would be excellent or even a picture with that image. The shape for Water is WAVY or ASSYMETRICAL so any item with that shape would bring the water element energy into the environment.
    Water =
  • If you are a WOOD person, you could place a wooden rectangular box for office supplies on your desk, since the shape for Wood is RECTANGULAR.
    Wood =

Be creative! It’s easy and fun!

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