How Does Your Feng Shui Flow?  

You tell me! How is your life flowing right now? Does your love life sizzle? Do you need to improve your health? Do you need more money flowing into your pocket book? Do you have empowering relationships?

Put the whole world in your hands and implement Feng Shui Glenda’s Way.

There are three kinds of good luck. Three ways to create the life you are passionate about:

Put the whole world in your hand. (Photo of Glenda holding the entire world up with a single finger.) The luck you create from Within you -your words, thoughts and feelings, mental imagery. You’ve heard, "What you think about comes about." What you think about affects the pictures in your mind and the words you say.

Your unconscious mind creates your life. You have the power within you to consciously reprogram your unconscious mind, which has been programmed since birth. It’s as simple as putting new soft ware into a computer. When you change the way you think about things, the things you think about change.

You create your tomorrows with the thoughts you think today. Everything you have today is a result, a residual effect of what you were thinking and speaking about yesterday. Putting the Law of Attraction to work in your thoughts, feelings, words and visualizations can make huge changes quickly.

"By using Glenda’s secrets and training in less than a year we turned our lives around. We started a new company and today we are making more in one month than we made in all of last year. Glenda helped us get rich! We highly recommend Glenda to everyone who would like to reach their financial dreams." LS San Diego.

The luck you create from what’s ON youThere is luck that comes from what people see on you before you even open your mouth. Everything, literally everything in you, on you, and around you is energy. You are a living, breathing, vibrating magnet. At an energetic level, the colors, textures, fabrics, designs, and accessories you wear are very much a part of what you are attracting. They all vibrate and are energy. Rather than trying to create an image, reveal the one you already have. When you show others on the outside who you are on the inside, the right people will be attracted to you and take you more seriously. You will step into your power; make more sales, find fulfilling relationships by practicing the law of Attraction from inside out.

"When I began using this system, clients were calling my office, questioning my assistant as to whether I had a face lift. Of course, I hadn’t just had a face lift; my energy had changed because I was dressing according to Glenda’s Fashion Feng Shui system, and I looked and felt younger and slimmer."

The luck you create from WHAT’S AROUND youyour environment. Once you put your environment I order, you can expect to find yourself at the right place, at the right time with the right people. Everything around you sends a message to the universe. The things around you in your environment are of vital importance when it comes to creating a life of abundance and happiness. We are constantly exchanging energy with the things around us.

There are many people who are stuck, who don’t seem to be able to go forward in their life, even when they are mindful of the thoughts and words they project to the universe. They do not understand that the influence of their environment is at work 24 hours a day every week of their lifetime. The flow of energy that surrounds you influences you greatly in either achieving your goals or blocking your dreams. Remember, you are a living, breathing, energy field and your environment is part of that field. You can change your life and level of happiness by changing the energy around you in your environment.

Simple things like the direction of your bed or desk can make huge differences in your life, your business, your family relationships, your health, and your personal and spiritual growth.

"When the Feng Shui and dowsing practitioner came to our house, she asked if my daughter had been having trouble concentrating on her school work. I told her that she had and that it had only been a problem for about 3 weeks. She asked if someone had put a satellite dish up in the neighborhood. My answer was, “Yes, and it was about 3 weeks ago that it happened”. It was pointed in the direction of my daughter’s room. After the practitioner cured this problem, my daughter is back to her to her normal, studious, easy to concentrate self. It’s amazing that such a thing could have such a huge affect on a little body but I can tell you, it does!" JS Santee, CA

In ancient China, only emperors and nobility were able to practice Feng Shui. It was known only to a handful of scientists commissioned to maintain health, wealth, and the power of the court. The privileged few kept the valuable secret to themselves to secure their throne. All Feng Shui literature and information was forbidden to commoners and if it was found in their possession, it was confiscated and they were dealt with harshly. Feng Shui practitioners were only allowed to serve the elite. This sacred knowledge about how surroundings affect energy for better or worse was used to control their empire and to build vast wealth. Fortunately, today, Feng Shui is available to everyone.

What does a woman in San Diego know about this lost art in China? A lot more than many Chinese! Every time I visit China, I am amazed at how few Chinese actually know what it’s about or even use it. Because it was banned by the Communist regime and not practiced by commoners, it was only recently allowed to be practiced again in that country.

Implement the changes you can find for FREE on this website and start on your road to freedom and happiness, and then have Glenda Feng Shui your home.

Why would you have Glenda Feng Shui your business? It’s another marketing tool to create more income, better relationships and improved health for your employees. Give your business the boost it needs today!

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