Feng Shui for the Bedroom Video Library 

No Nos for the Bedroom

Invite Romance

Mirror, Mirror on the wall

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Does your bedroom pass the Feng Shui Test?

    • Mirrors in the bedroom?
    • Where do I put my bed?
    • Why no water in the bedroom?
    • What kind of headboard diminishes my energy?
    • Are you set up for two?
    • What hangs above your bed can be dangerous?
    • Why tune out your TV?
    • What are the best bedroom colors?
    • Is it bad if my exercise equipment is in my bedroom?
    • How can I invite romance into my bedroom?
    • What about overhead beams?
    • How do you light your bedroom for ambiance?
    • Should I be sleeping under a window?
    • So what if my bathroom opens into my bedroom?