Feng Shui is not a religion. It is a way of creating balance in your environment, such as your home and office. It is balance created by the five elements of nature: fire, earth, metal, water, and wood. It is about activating a positive flow of energy and neutralizing the negative energy so your home and office feels comfortable and life flows better. It is a way of balancing the environment so that people can enjoy healthier and more prosperous lives.

compass.There are many types of Feng Shui, however many of them being practiced today are based on superstition rather than science. They are based on mysticism and are nothing more than a way to sell trinkets, rather than balance the surroundings that affect your life. New Age Feng Shui, (Black Hat Feng Shui, or Western Feng Shui and BTB) are all ineffective long term. Unfortunately, this is the Feng Shui that is most frequently practiced in the US.

The science of Feng Shui is very exact; Feng Shui is only Feng Shui if a compass is used. If not, it is guess work, mysticism, or decorator fantasy. Today, even home designers are using Feng Shui as a catch phrase to attract customers, however true principles of Feng Shui and home design often do not compliment each other.

True Feng Shui requires a compass. Corrections and activations are determined by direction and time. Glenda practices only classical Feng Shui. She energizes your environment by combining Feng Shui with dowsing. When used together, they neutralize all negative internal as well as external energies. Dowsing takes effect immediately. The negative influences coming from the earth as well as those created by our cell phones, electrical appliances, satellites, and other household items is stopped immediately.

A dowser can determine the current energy level of your home and office. She can locate negative energy coming into your home or office and block it immediately. The change happens immediately and you will feel the difference. Donít be surprised if you go through a small detox because you will be releasing the toxins from the negative energy as your body is trying to balance.

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